Launching a Quicklook

How to start an AR experience on mobile devices


Define the variant options as a key named 'options' inside a Javascript object, and then pass it to Variant.launchQuicklook()

var data = {
  options: {
      CHAIR : {
          material: 'leather',
          enabled: true
      FOOTSTOOL :{
      enabled: false
   productCode: SKU001


The key names in options (CHAIR, for example) are tag-names of meshes in your product file. You can then set various properties of that mesh:

  • enabled: toggles objects on or off, and for now should always be set to the desired value, as there is no default behaviour officially specified.
  • material: replaces the tagged object’s material with the named one. If no material property is specified, the default material will be used. It’s recommended to always set a material explicitly.

Note: Due to restrictions on mobile browsers, this function is only guaranteed to work if called via user input (click/tap).

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