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The photo button and other UI disappears after a period of time so the user can focus on the AR. Tapping the screen should bring it back.

Alternately, if you are using quicklook banners on iOS, this will disable the photo button entirely.

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Ensure you have set the callToAction, checkoutTitle, checkoutSubtitle and price parameters correctly. Note that if you leave one of them blank or as an empty string, the banner will not work.

Consider using a custom HTML banner if meeting the requirements for the generic banner are difficult

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There are a few reasons for receiving the "Object could not be shown" error, and unfortunately iOS does not get any more specific.

The most common reason is that the model is too large for the device's memory - this can often cause the error to appear sporadically, depending on how many other apps the device is running at the time. Running out of memory can happen if you are using one or more 4k textures in your model, or a large number of smaller textures. Consider reducing the resolution of your textures, or trying to share textures between multiple materials.

Another reason is that the USDZ file is incompatible with the particular device hardware/software. Check the device model against the ARKit device compatibility list and ensure the OS is 12.3, or iOS13+ for the best chance at compatibility.

Finally there may be an error occurring in the automatic conversion process performed by Variant. Try another model on the same device that you know works. If the model doesn't work on any device, contact support with your GLTF files.

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iOS apps use a special browser called a Webview. A common version of this webview (WKWebview) does not support USDZ Quicklooks and will just show the raw file data.

If you are on a plan that includes our FB Messenger/Instagram 'breakout' feature, your redirection server should kick in and redirect the user instantly to the same page in Safari, so they can view quicklooks. 

If you are experiencing this problem on a plan that includes the FB Messenger/Instagram 'breakout', please contact us, including the name of the app.

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